Kombucha Vs Kanji

Why KOMBUCHA ? Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea, with origins somewhere in china and later used extensively in Europe, Russia & Japan. GO DESI !! Have your KANJI during Winters.  For almost all North Indians, Kanji brings memories of grandparents along with the pucker that comes with the tangy, delectable acquired taste. I say acquired because not everbody likes it. You either Love Kanji or you hate it , there’s no middle way!. And you better Love it because of the numerous health benefits this probiotic drink has : • Enhances your immune system (Healthier gut = Higher immunity) •  Prevents infections after surgery • Treats acute and chronic diarrhea • Relieves & treat  inflammatory bowel disease/ IBS • Protects against cancer development and progression • Prevents eczema in children • Prevents and treat vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections • Helps reduce systemic allergic responses  Across North India, Kanji is brewed using deep purple colored carrot which is  fermented in the sun along

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