Mango Gur Pickle 400 gm


Mango Gur Pickle


The finger licking fusion of mango and jaggery. Never have you tasted mango like this before.

USP : No preservatives and additives, sundried, handcrafted, tradtional taste, farm fresh, oil free.

Ingridients: Mango, Jaggery,cold pressed Mustard oil , sugarcne Vinegar, Saunf, Black mustard, Methi Dana ,                                     Turmeric, Zeera, Hing, Chilli Powder,himalayan pink salt.



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1 thought on “Mango Gur Pickle 400 gm

  1. These delish goodies – orange marmalde and mango gur from the little farm co. are a modern day throwback to the tastes of childhood – pure, rich , free of chemicals and preservatives, full of flavor.

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