Mandarin Orange Marmalade in jaggery (200 Gm)


Mandarin Orange Marmalade in jaggery (200 Gm)

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A marmalade that would keep both mamma and child happy. How? It’s a yummilicios, smart way to have a dose of fresh fruit (without preservative) gobbled by junior. And the sugar rush ? None, as it’s jaggery. Jaggery is made of chains of sucrose, digested slowly, and energy released is slow unlike sugar that is instantly absorbed in the blood (explains why jaggery better for diabetics). Making Granny happy too! Moreover our pure gur is rich in iron (made in iron vessel), helps digestion, high potassium assists weight reduction, increase immunity, metabolism and has fiber too. Fruits added are grown in our farms admist fresh air and waters making it a jar of pure, powerful, delicious goodness! Ingredients: Mandarain Orange, Jaggery, kinwoo & lemon

USP: Handcrafted, no preservatives, no additives, no added colors, guilt free eating, sugar free.


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2 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Marmalade in jaggery (200 Gm)

  1. These delish goodies – orange marmalde and mango gur from the little farm co. are a modern day throwback to the tastes of childhood – pure, rich , free of chemicals and preservatives, full of flavor.

  2. The Little Farm Co’s Mango Gur is the best- reminded me of the delicious homemade pickles from my childhood. And the Mandarin is to die for! Keep up the great work Niharika!

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