Frequently Asked Questions on Green Chilli Pickles

Qs.1: Is green chilli good for health?

Ans.: Below are the essential benefits of green chilli:

  1. Helps Treat Skin Infections:  As green chillies are full of anti-bacterial properties, they help cure skin infections and acne. Moreover, it contains Vitamin c that gives healthy and glowing skin. Therefore, remember to store the chillies in a dark and cool place as the chillies might lose Vitamin C if kept in heat and light.
  2. Good For the digestive health: Green chillies are rich in dietary fibre, that help smoothen the bowel movement and improves the digestive health. However, eating green chillies may also prevent ulcers. It is advisable for people suffering from peptic ulcers to avoid consuming green chillies.
  3. Green Chilli Benefits In Weight Loss: Adding green chilli to your diet helps burn off the excess fat in your body due to its thermogenic properties. Also, it helps increase the metabolic rate. This is, therefore, one of the important benefits of eating green chilli.
  4. Green Chilli Benefits Include Control In Blood Sugar Levels: Consumption of green chillies regularly can prove beneficial for diabetic people. They also help prevent sugar levels from increasing in the body and balance it.
  5. Green Chilli Benefits Cure Cold: Green chillies contain capsaicin that has a stimulating effect on the mucous membranes of the nose. So, it helps makes it thinner and thus mucus drains from the nose quickly and cures common cold.

Qs.2: How to make green chilli pickle?

Ans.: Remove the crown of chillies and wash them, let them dry. Then squeeze all the lemon juice and add that to the chillies. Add in the spice mix, salt and mix well with cold pressed mustard oil. And put it in sun for it sun-dry. Store this in sterilized dry jar.Make life easier for yourself buy the most tasty Green chilli pickle like your childhood times from ”The Little Farm Co”.

Qs.3: Which vitamin in green chilli?

Ans.: Green chilli contain vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

Qs.4: How to store green chillies pickle?

Ans.: Store the green chilli pickle in a clear jar, Keep it in a cool, dry place for storage. Never use a wet spoon to take out the pickle. If moisture is introduced in pickles then fungus can form

Qs.5: What are the benefits of green chilli pickle?

Ans.: Green Chilli Pickle contain a lot of iron, making it a great recommendation for those suffering from anemia. Having small amounts of green chilli pickle with your meals regularly will ensure you never feel tired and weak due to a lack of iron.

Qs.6: Does green chilli increase blood pressure?

Ans.: Green chillies will not increase the blood pressure. Raw green chillies are full of vitamin C, which is good for you.

Qs.7: Where do you source your green chillies from?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we grow our chillies using organic farming method at MP.

Qs.8: What variety of green chilli do you use for your pickle?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we use locally grown medium pungency Green Chilli to make pickle.

Qs.9: Can we mix green chilli and red chilli pickle in the same meal?

Ans.: Yes, one can eat red and green chilli pickles together as it gives unique flavour to our meals.

Qs.10: Should green chilli pickle be avoided by some people?

Ans.: People who suffers from abdominal pain and piles should avoid eating green chilli pickle.

Qs.11: Would you consider your green chilli pickle moderate spicy or super spicy?

Ans.: The Little Farm Co. Green chilli pickle is moderately spicy and pungency is at a level where most Indian can tolerate it.

Qs.12: What oil do you use in your pickle and why?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we use Cold Pressed Mustard Oil. It has powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This prevents the formation of any mould or bacterial growth in the pickles. It also forms a layer of protection between air and pickles from the bacteria present in the air. At “The Little Farm Co” we grow our own mustard seeds and then further cold press it to get cold pressed mustard oil. It is purely organic and lab tested. We do not infuse it with palm oil or any other oils. And this cold pressed mustard oil is used in our pickles.

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