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Gobhi Gajjar Shalgum Pickle

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Made in small fresh batches every week 

"Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle" refers to a pickle made from a combination of cauliflower, carrots and turnip. It is a traditional Punjabi recipe that has been passed down through generations. The Little Farm Co. pickle is crunchy and flavorful, with the sweetness of the carrots and tanginess of the turnip. It's a great option for those who like the khatta-meetha taste. This mix veg pickle is a great way to enjoy a variety of different flavors and textures in one pickle. It can be a great accompaniment to any meal, whether it's a traditional North Indian dish or a Western-style dish. Get your taste buds tickled with this ghar-wala achar.

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Albert Menezes


Loved the pickles

Loved all the pickles I ordered. True to its word there were no preservatives added and I felt like I was eating pickles made by my mum.

Thankyou so much for your feedback,
We really value feedback from a customer like you.

Tasty and yummy pickle

loved the taste, nostalgic

Thankyou so much for your feedback.
We really value feedback from a customer like you.

Shivaani K Talwar
Gajar shalgam gobi acchaar

The taste is amazing as is the crispness of the vegetables but have given 4 stars bec hardly any gobi in my bottle . Shalgam pieces very small . Only gajar pieces excellent .



More Information

* Gobhi
* Shalgum
* Carrots
* Red chilli
* Himalayan pink salt
* Garam masala
* Rai
* Jaggery
* Sugarcane vinegar
* Cold pressed mustard oil
* Ginger
* Garlic

Recipe from: Punjab

* Keeps your gut health in check
* Boots eye health
* Source of nutrients
* Promotes liver health

Allergen Info:
Might contain traces of gluten

Region Produced in & sourced from:
Village Paharapurwa, Rajnagar, District Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Storage Tip:
Store in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight. pls use fresh spoon for each serving and do not store with any spoon inside

Shelf Life / Best Before:
4 months

Nutritional benefits:
* Calories: 157.97 kcal
* Carbohydrates: 11.31g
* Protein: 10.97g
* Sugar: 8.60g

No preservatives and additives, Sundried, Handcrafted, Traditional taste, Farm fresh

Color: The pickle looks brown when prepared and takes dark brown shades as it matures.

Oil Used: Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Preservation technique:
Store in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight. Please use fresh spoon for each serving and do not store with any spoon inside

Enjoyed with:
All Indian meals, Rice, Mathis, Daals, Cheela, Pakodi, Poha and Paranthas!

Your questions answered

Qs.1: How to make Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle at home?


  1. Firstly, wash all the vegetables (Gobhi, Gajar, Shalgum), Put the vegetables in boiling water for a few seconds then take it out and let them dry.
  2. Make spice mix, by roasting fenugreek, fennel seeds and mustard, dry red chillies.
  3. Blend them coarsely in a blender.
  4. Now take the dried vegetables in a bowl. Add in the spice mix, salt and mix well with cold pressed mustard oil.
  5. And put it in sun for it sun-dry.
  6. Store this in sterilized dry jar.

Make life easier for yourself buy the most best Gobhi gajar shalgum pickle like your childhood times from ”The Little Farm Co”.

Qs.2: What are the ingredients required to make Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle?

Ans.: The ingredients required to make Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle are VEGETABLES 65% (CARROT, CAULIFLOWER &TURNIP), JAGGERY, SALT, SPICE MIX, EDIBLE MUSTARD OIL, CITRIC ACID.

Qs.3: How long does Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle last and how to store it?

Ans.: The shelf life of Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle is 4 months. Since, At “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives make sure you don’t use a wet spoon, make sure the pickle is topped up with oil and store it in an air tight container. For it to last longer you can refrigerate it too.

Qs.4: Can Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle be consumed during pregnancy?

Ans.: Yes, consuming pickles in a limited amount during pregnancy may not be harmful. Also Luke Coutinho Celebrity nutritionist talks about our pickles since they are sun-dried and very healthy plus a source of probiotic. As against pickles which are factory made with artificial preservatives.

Qs.5: What are the health benefits of eating Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle?

Ans.: Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle has several health benefits like Packed with antioxidants, Good for bone health, provides a balanced diet, Helps with the digestive health.

Qs.6: What are the side effects of consuming Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle?

Ans.: You may land up eating too much Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle as people find it too tasty.

Qs.7: How to incorporate Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle into one's diet?

Ans.: Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle is the perfect Indian side – dish, tastes best with all Indian meals, rice, mathis, daals, cheela, pakodi, poha and paranthas!

Qs.8: How does the taste of Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle compare to other types of pickles?

Ans.: The taste of the Gobhi gajar shalgum pickle is sweet and spicy.

Qs.9: What oil do you use for your Gobhi Gajar Shalgum pickle and why?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we use Cold Pressed Mustard Oil. It has powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This prevents the formation of any mould or bacterial growth in the pickles. It also forms a layer of protection between air and pickles from the bacteria present in the air. At “The Little Farm Co” we grow our own mustard seeds and then further cold press it to get cold pressed mustard oil. It is purely organic and lab tested. We do not infuse it with palm oil or any other oils. And this cold pressed mustard oil is used in our pickles.

Qs.10: Is this pickle available throughout the year?

Ans.: Gobhi gajar shalgum pickle is a winter special pickle and is not available throughout the year. But at “The Little Farm” now we will store the vegetables organically and will make fresh batches every month, so now it will be available throughout the year.

Qs.11: Your pickle is available on pre-order. Does this mean it will be available any time of the year?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm” Gobhi Gajar Shalgum Pickle is available on pre-order as we make it in a small batches every week so it get’s over due to high volume of orders. Due to this it is available on pre-order and we take a little time to make another fresh batch.

Qs.12: Where do you source your vegetables for this pickle?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we grown our own vegetables at our farms in MP and further make pickle out of it.

Qs.13: Do you use red or orange carrots for your pickle?

Ans.: We use Red Carrots for our pickle.

Qs.14: What variety of shalgum (turnip) do you use for the pickles?

Ans.: Local variety

Qs.15: How is your pickle different from usual store pickles?

Ans.: Usually the factory made pickles have preservative in it, so their pickles don’t get spoilt and last them through the off season. Whereas at “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives in it and handcraft it traditionally and taste just like home.

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Gobhi Gajjar Shalgum Pickle

Gobhi Gajjar Shalgum Pickle

Rs. 400.00