Frequently Asked Questions Related to Mango Pickles

What is mango pickle?

Mango Pickle is a traditional Indian condiment made with raw mangoes, spices like fennel seeds (Saunf) and processed in cold pressed mustard oil.

Why is it famous among Indians?

Mango (also called Aam in Hindi) is one of the most commonly-pickled foods – there are hundreds of aam achars in India, but The Little Farm Co mango pickle with saunf uses a Punjabi style recipe & is the most popular pickle. Every time when somebody eats mango pickle, it connects them to their childhood memories of the same tastes their grandmother’s used to make. That’s why it is famous among Indians.

How to store mango pickle for long time?

At “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives. So, make sure you don’t use a wet spoon, the pickle is topped up with oil and store it in an airtight container. For it to last longer you can refrigerate it too.

What preservatives are used in mango pickles and jams?

“The Little Farm Co” does not use any artificial preservatives. We use natural preservatives such as oils, salt, vinegar, spices, sweeteners and sun-drying for natural preservation.

How long does the pickle last before getting spoiled?

The shelf life of the Mango pickle is 12 months. Please ensure you don’t use any wet spoon or do not store pickles with a spoon inside it.

Can jaggery act as a preservative?

Yes, Jaggery acts as a preservative, as it is a healthy alternative to sugar. 

How many types of pickles can be made from raw mangoes?

Many types of pickles can be made from raw mangoes like sweet mango chutney, mango gur pickle, Punjabi style mango pickle, mango hing pickle. But the most favourite and the top selling mango pickle throughout India is Punjabi style Mango pickle which “The little farm” sells as Mango Pickle.

Is mango pickle good for health?

Yes, Mango pickle is one of the tastiest sources for consuming many healthy nutrients. Mango is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and fiber. Also, Luke Coutinho Celebrity nutritionist talks about our pickles since they are sun-dried and very healthy plus a source of probiotic. As against pickles which are factory made with artificial preservatives.

How does pickle industries gets mango during off season?

Usually the factory made/ pickle industry use preservatives, so their pickles don’t get spoilt and last them through the off season. But at “The Little Farm Co” we use natural methods of preserving fruits and vegetables. We use the fruit to make the pickle in the season and rest we store our fruits and vegetables through natural methods for the off season and process it when required.

What is a mango pickle high in?

Mango pickle is high in antioxidants and protects the body from oxidative damage and is a good probiotic.

How do I make a sweet pickle for mangoes?

Mangoes are peeled, cut into slices and cooked in desi khand syrup with spices and finished with a final spike of chilli powder and fennel seeds. The Little Farm Co has a sweet mango chutney that you can buy from this link.

Is mango pickle the same as mango chutney?

No, Mango pickle is not the same as mango chutney. Mango chutney is made using sugar or gur and is sweet in taste, while mango pickle is made using mustard oil and spices and is savory in taste.

How to prepare mango pickle masala?

We at ”The Little Farm Co” use the best ingredients grown at our own farm like fennel seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds also mustard seeds are further cold pressed to make cold pressed mustard oil which is mixed while preparing masala.

How do I use the leftover oil from a mango pickle?

You can use the leftover oil to cook foods like paneer, potato, mushroom, chicken, fish, enhancing taste of foods and can also be used in making pulao.

How to make pickles out of dried mangoes?
  1. Take raw mangoes, wash them well. Dry them with a towel. Now slice them little thinly. Dry them under sun for a whole day.
  2. Make spice mix and roast.
  3. Now take the dried mangoes in a bowl. Add in the spice mix, salt and mix well with cold pressed mustard oil. And put it in sun for it sundry.
  4. Store this in sterilized dry jar.
Or, make life easier for yourself buy the tasty mango pickle like your childhood times from ”The Little Farm Co” :)

Is acetic acid used to preserve mango pickle?

Yes, acetic acid can be used to preserve mango pickle.

How do you pick a good mango?

The mangoes for eating on a table are different from mango used for making pickle. The best mangos for making pickle in north India are Ramkila, gola, neelam and they are processed when they are un-ripe and feel hard when you squeeze them.

Is raw mango acid harmful?

Yes, eating unripe mango in excess causes throat irritation, indigestion, dysentery and abdominal colic. It’s better to have ripened mangoes though usually mango used in mango salad is raw mango also we use raw mango for pickling, and you can get them at “The Little Farm Co”.

How is mango pickle used in Indian cuisine?

Traditionally, Indian meals combine a small piece of a pickle with each bite of food. Some people prefer mixing pickle with plain rice. Whichever way we eat your pickles, the joy is in mixing the tangy and spicy flavours with whatever you’re eating. In India, having a parantha means having it with pickle as it is good combination. There is no household which do not have pickles as it makes their meal tastier.

Can we carry pickles in domestic flights?

You can carry pickles in check-in luggage. If the jar of pickle has been packed well and sealed tightly, you can carry it. At ”The Little Farm Co” our clients not only carry it in domestic flights but also carry it to USA and UK and many more countries because they miss their taste of Indian food abroad. So, we pack them in thermocol in such a way so the bottles don’t break in the journey.

Are pickled foods considered cooked or raw?

As pickle are made by processing fruits, vegetables with spices, oils, salt vinegar etc. and are left in the sun for lacto fermentation to take place, when finally ready they are considered cooked.

Is eating pickle and yogurt together bad for your health?

A complete Indian meal would have a vegetable, dal, rice/roti, salad, dahi/yogurt and a little bit of pickle on the side. Pickle is a good probiotic.

What is the best mango for making mango pickle?

The best mango for making pickles in north India are Ramkela, Gola, Neelam. We use Ramkela Mangoes to make our Mango Pickles as it is sour in taste and has high pulp. Also, the seeds in Ramkela mangoes are small which make it the ideal choice for mango pickles.

How many types of mangoes are found in India?

India is the land of Mangoes. This juicy fruit, rightly called the 'king' has some 1500 varieties growing in India. Each variety has a distinct taste, shape and colour. From the rose-red Gulab Khas or Sindhura to parrot beak shaped Totapuri, unique mango varieties reign the Indian markets. Then there is the famous Ratnagiri Alphonso that weights around 300 grams and the Malda from Bihar which has a unique aroma, India boasts of amazing varieties of mangoes that dominate the markets from mid-April to August.

Should I eat pickles if I have a cough?

Sour, pickled, or brined foods: Foods made with vinegar or salt, such as pickles, can worsen the inflammation of a sore throat. But pickles done the right way without preservatives do not harm as they give us the Vitamin C and other Vitamins which are needed.

Is eating mango pickle safe for GERD patients?

Pickles done the right way without artificial preservatives are safe to consume by GERD Patients as it balances the acid. But don’t consume spicy pickles. You can consume pickle like mango which are not too spicy or the sweet pickes.
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