Frequently Asked Questions Related to Mango Chutney

Qs.1: How do I make sweet mango chutney at home?

Ans.: Mangoes are peeled, cut into slices and cooked in desi khand syrup with spices and finished with a final spike of chilli powder and fennel seeds.

Qs.2: What is the difference between sweet and sour mango chutney?

Ans.: Sweet Mango chutney is made using sugar or gur and is sweet in taste, while Sour mango chutney is made using mustard oil and spices and is savoury in taste

Qs.3: What is the shelf life of sweet mango chutney and how to store it?

Ans.: The shelf life of sweet mango chutney is 12 months. Since, At “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives make sure you don’t use a wet spoon and store it in an air tight container in a shaded and cool placw. For it to last longer you can refrigerate it too.

Qs.4: How long does sweet mango chutney last in the fridge?

Ans.: Good 2 years

Qs.5: Is this chutney available throughout the year?

Ans.: Yes, sweet mango chutney is available throughout the year.

Qs.6: What mango do you use for your chutneys?

Ans.: We use Slightly ripened mango for our chutneys which is called Ramkila. (Mango that is not fully ripened or is not fully raw)

Qs.7: How is your chutney different from the ones in the market?

Ans.: Usually the factory made Chutneys have preservative in it, so their pickles don’t get spoilt and last them through the off season. Whereas at “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives in it and handcraft it traditionally and taste just like home.

Qs.8: What are some alternative ingredients I can use if I can't find mangoes?

Ans.: If you can’t find mangoes then you can use apple as well.

Qs.9: How can I use sweet mango chutney in cooking?

Ans.: You can use sweet mango chutney to cook foods like paneer, potato, mushroom, enhancing taste of foods and can also be used in making pullao, kachori and as a topping for salads and side dishes

Qs.10: Is sweet mango chutney vegan or vegetarian?

Ans.: Sweet mango chutney is Vegan.

Qs.11: Can sweet mango chutney be used as a replacement for jam or jelly?

Ans.: Yes, sweet mango chutney can be used as a replacement of jam or jelly.

Qs.12: Can sweet mango chutney be made without sugar? (talk about what you use and why)

Ans.: Yes, sweet mango chutney can be made without sugar. At “The Little Farm” we use Desi Khand. It is an unrefined sugar that contains natural molasses.

Qs.13: Can sweet mango chutney be frozen for later use?

Ans.: Yes, one can freeze sweet mango chutney for later use.

Qs.14: What are some serving suggestions for sweet mango chutney?

Ans.: Sweet mango chutney is the perfect Indian side – dish, tastes best with all Indian meals, rice, mathis, daals, cheela, pakodi, poha and paranthas!

Qs.15: What are the health benefits of this chutney?

Ans.: Rich in Vitamins: Dry fruit mango chutney has an abundance of Vitamin A. This vitamin is very useful for healthy vision and a strong immune system. As such, consuming this chutney will help in improving eyesight, and treat various eye disorders like glaucoma and cataract.

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