Frequently Asked Questions Related to Chilli Pickles

Is Red chilli pickle good for health?

Yes and in addition, red chillies are known to have: Vitamin C - an important antioxidant, required for boosting immunity and healing wounds. Vitamin B6- Needed for boosting energy levels. Vitamin K1-Required for proper blood clotting and maintaining the health of your kidneys and bones.

Why do chilli pickles go bad?

When you use wet spoon while serving the red chilli pickle, let the oil level in the bottle drop where the pickles are exposed or leave the jar open then it goes bad.

Why don't you get fresh red chillies easily in India?

Red chillis used for pickling such a Jalapeno’s or specifically red chillies used for making stuffed red chilli pickle only grow in the months of December to February and are therefore only available in those months.

Can we carry pickles in domestic flights?

You can carry pickles in check-in luggage. If the jar of pickle has been packed well and sealed tightly, you can carry it. At ”The Little Farm Co” our clients not only carry it in domestic flights but also carry it to USA and UK and many more countries because they miss their taste of Indian food abroad. So, we pack them in thermocol in such a way, so the bottles don’t break in the journey.

Can we eat red and green chillies together in a pickle?

Yes, one can eat red and green chilli pickles together as it gives unique flavour to our meals.

Is chilli good for health?

Yes, Chillies are good for health as it contains protein, fiber, and iron also it decreases the chances of heart disease.

Do hotter chillies have more health benefits?

Yes, they are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.

What are the benefits of eating chilies?

Chillies have high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants.

What oil do you use in your red chilli pickle?

At “The Little Farm Co” we grow our own mustard seeds and further it is cold pressed to make cold pressed mustard oil at our own farm and this oil goes in our pickles like red chilli pickle.

Why is mustard oil used in pickles?

Mustard Oil has powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This prevents the formation of any mould or bacterial growth in the pickles. It also forms a layer of protection between air and pickles from the bacteria present in the air. At “The Little Farm Co” we grow our own mustard seeds and then further cold press it to get cold pressed mustard oil. It is purely organic, and lab tested. We do not infuse it with palm oil or any other oils. And this cold pressed mustard oil is used in our pickles.

What are the long term effects of eating too much chilli?

We advise to have it in small proportions.

What are the benefits of eating green chilli every day?

Green chilli signals high amounts of the antioxidant beta-carotene. Moreover, they also contain vitamins B and E and are a good source of iron and potassium.

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