Frequently Asked Questions Related to Amla Murabba

Qs.1: What is Amla Murabba?

Ans.: Amla Murabba are sweet and spicy balls of Amla.

Qs.2: How to make amla murabba?

Ans.: Take raw Amla, wash them well. Dry them with a towel. Then put it for boiling. Make syrup, once done let it cool and then add the boiled amlas to it. And put it in sun for it sun-dry. Store this in sterilized dry jar.Make life easier for yourself buy the most tastyAmlaMurabba like your childhood times from ”The Little Farm Co”.

Qs.3: What is the taste of amla murabba? Is it a dessert?

Ans.: The taste of Amla Murabba is sweet and a bit salty. Yes, it can be used instead of dessert.

Qs.4: How to preserve amla murabba?

Ans.: Bottle the Amla Murabba in an air-tight, sterilised glass container. Store for good 1 year at room temperature.

Qs.5: How to use amla murabba?

Ans.: Amla Murabba is the perfect Indian side – dish, tastes best with all Indian meals, rice, mathis, daals, cheela, pakodi, poha and paranthas!

Qs.6: What are the ingredients of amla murabba?

Ans.: The Ingredients of Amla Murabba are farm fresh Amla, Cardamom, Black pepper, Desi Khand and Himalayan Pink salt. 

Qs.7: Can we make amla murabba in honey?

Ans.: Yes, we can make Amla Murabba in honey.

Qs.8: Where do you source your amlas from?

Ans.: At “The Little Farm Co” we grown our own amlas at our farms in MP and further make Amla Murabba and Amla Pickle out of it.

Qs.9: Is this murabba available throughout the year?

Ans.: Yes, Amla Murabba is available throughout the year.

Qs.10: How is your amla murabba different from others available in the market?

Ans.: Usually the factory made Murabbas have preservative in it, so their Murabbas don’t get spoilt and last them through the off season. Whereas at “The Little Farm” we do not use any preservatives in it and handcraft it traditionally and taste just like home.

Qs.11: What is desi Khand that you use in your product?

Ans.: Desi Khand is an unrefined sugar that contains natural molasses.

Qs.12: What is the shelf life of amla murabba?

Ans.: The shelf life of amla murabba is good 12 months.

Qs.13: Is amla murabba good in pregnancy?

Ans.: Yes, Sufficient intake of amla murabba during pregnancy is absolutely safe for pregnant women.

Qs.14: Is amla murabba healthy?

Ans.: Yes, Amla Murabba is healthy as it is rich in Vitamin A, E and C, boost immunity and helps improve the body’s ability to prevent diseases.

Qs.15: What are the side effects of consuming amla murabba?

Ans.: For some allergic people, intake of Amla products can increase the risk of bleeding. For a diabetic patient, Amla should be taken with proper precautions as its intake can drastically drop blood sugar levels. The dosage of Amla juice can lead to dryness of the skin.

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