Interview: Niharika Bhargava on EOIndia

Entrepreneurs of India Startup Story – Episode 30 – The Little Farm | Niharika Bhargav

Each week we will ask an Indian entrepreneur 11 questions so that we can all be inspired by their stories.

There is a business opportunity available in every industry, all you need is to see an untapped need or problem and come up with a creative solution that gives you acompetitive advantage over the competition.

The key to any successful business is this competitive advantage and how you market this advantage to the consumer. You need to have that unique aspect, otherwise you will find it difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

Today we talk to one entrepreneur who has taken the agriculture sector, spotted an unmet need, and with some key creativity and innovation has created a product that stands out from the competition and provides the consumer with a fantastic value and quality. Today we introduce you to The Little Farm Co and it’s founder Niharika Bhargava.

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