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Lemon Black Pickle - Aged 5 years

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The Little Farm Co. Homemade Lemon Black Pickle - Aged 5 Years: Skin of the lemon so well blended into the tangy masaledar flavour. The perfect blend that satisfies your craving that too guilt free as the recipe derived from Ayurveda.  Come to think of it, old/ aged lemon pickle is Ayurvedic medicine and food at the same time! Delicious medical care. Ayurveda says that if your food is medicine, you will not need medicine. Truly, correct food, eaten with respect, is better than the best medicine for the body.

USP : No preservatives and additives, sundried, handcrafted, traditional taste, farm fresh.

Ingredients: Lemon , red chilli, black cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, hing, jeera, himalayan pink salt, khand.



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Shilpy Jain
Lemon black pickle

It is the tastiest lemon pickle I hv ever had..a must for every home

Thankyou so much, we really value feedback of customers like you.

More Information

* Lemon
* Red chilli
* Black cardamom
* Cloves
* Cinnamon sticks
* Hing
* Jeera
* Himalayan pink salt
* Khand

Recipe from: India

* Rich in Vitamin C
* Strengthens Bones
* Cures Ulcers
* Controls heart rate & blood pressure
* Prevents muscle cramps
* Good for Digestion

Allergen Info:

Region Produced in & sourced from:
Village Paharapurwa, Rajnagar, District Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Storage Tip:
Store in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight. pls use fresh spoon for each serving and do not store with any spoon inside

Shelf Life / Best Before:
12 months

Nutritional benefits:
* Energy: 65 kcal
* Total Fat: 0.4g
* Cholesterol: 0mg
* Sodium: 4460mg
* Potassium: 113mg
* Carbohydrates: 17.8g
* Protein: 1.0g
* Mineral: 0g

No preservatives and additives, Sundried, Handcrafted, Traditional taste, Farm fresh

Color: The Pickle looks brown when prepared and takes black shade as it matures.

Oil Used: Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Preservation technique:
Store in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight. Please use fresh spoon for each serving and do not store with any spoon inside

Enjoyed with:
All Indian meals, Rice, Mathis, Daals, Cheela, Pakodi, Poha and Paranthas!

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Lemon Black Pickle - Aged 5 years

Lemon Black Pickle - Aged 5 years

Rs. 550.00