Power Packed Trail Mix (100 Gm)


Power Packed Trail Mix (100 Gm)

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Our power packed trail mix has everything that you need to re-strengthen yourself. It contains dry fruits , dried berries and seeds such as flax sunflower and chia. Simply have right out of the bag as a delicious snack No cholestrol, high in dietry fiber, thiamin, vitamin b 6, magnesium, iron , manganese

USP : No added colours, hand picked from the farm, raw and natural.

Ingridients: Melon seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, almonds, dried mixed berry.

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2 thoughts on “Power Packed Trail Mix (100 Gm)

  1. I ordered mixed berries and the power packed trail mix from the little farm co, and i was suprised by notcing sugar free berries and such good quality of seeds they use, one day delivery time !

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