Red Chili Pickle 400 gm


Red Chili Pickle


Masala stuffed red chilies pickled to perfection under the sun.

USP : No preservatives and additives, sundried, handcrafted, traditional taste, farm fresh.

Ingridients: Red chilli, methi dana, saunf, zeera, rai, amchoor ,himalayan pink salt, garam masala , lemon juice ,                                  cold mustard oil.

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1 thought on “Red Chili Pickle 400 gm

  1. My first order from the little farm co. loved these to the core. Truly an authentic taste with perfect blend of spices and no harmful colors or preservatives. I was also touched by their gesture of sending 2 teeny meeny bottles of adrak hari mirch and garlic pickle for tasting. ny beetraat paranthas tasted heavenly with the pickles today.

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