Adrak Hari Mirch Pickle 400 gm


Adrak Hari Mirch Pickle


Green chili infused with the richness of ginger with a pinch of mustard. A must have in all Indian Kitchens, the conventional adrak hari mirch pickle redifined. Adding flavour to any meal on the side.

USP : No preservatives and additives, sundried, handcrafted, traditional taste, farm fresh

Ingridients: Ginger, green chilli, yellow mustard, hing, haldi, himalayan pink salt, cold pressed mustard oil, lemon                                juice.

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2 thoughts on “Adrak Hari Mirch Pickle 400 gm

  1. Picked up the Adrak Hari Mirch pickle at the step earth mela yesterday. It’s delish- minimalist yet flavorful and tastes super fresh Liked their ‘less is more’ approach to pickling.

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