We, at The Little Farm Co., own and manage farms in Madhya Pradesh where we produce Fruits, Vegetables and spices using organic fertilizers and local seeds. We are producing Pickles and Superfoods as a natural sequence for value addition at our farms.

Our market survey indicated that most products (pickles) available in the market today are produced using mechanized processes and are filled with additives and preservatives to increase shelf life and provide stability to the product. These products somehow do not have the same appeal or taste as hand-made/home-made pickles do.

Therefore Our endeavour is to provide customers with pickles that are farm fresh, preservative and additive free using traditional recipes and that taste exactly as pickles used to before modern food processing industry started.
As we do not use any preservatives or additives, some of our pickles may be seasonal in nature (those which expire in 6 months or less). However, the pickles with 1 year plus expiry should be available most year round. The Super-foods are available throughout the year.

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