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Limited Edition : Amla Murabba 400 g

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The liitle farm co homemade Amla Murabba : Sweet pickle made from organically grown amla (Indian gooseberry) and desi khaand. It can be served as side dish in daily meals. Also, it can be stored for longer time. This fresh delicious and signature murabba is exceptionally good across cuisines and dishes. Have it with your theplas or add a spoon full to falafel sandwiches for an incredible burst of royalty!! This is a yummy and fairly healthy snack for children, spread out on toast and butter instead of jam. This one is a gift from the sages over the ages to treasure.

Ingredients : Farm fresh Amla, Cardamom, Black pepper, Desi Khand, Himalayan Pink salt. 

Best Before : 1 year


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Limited Edition : Amla Murabba 400 g

Limited Edition : Amla Murabba 400 g

Rs. 350.00